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Natural stones road and pedastrian surface
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Natural stones manufacturer for the professionals in Nouvelle Aquitaine, in France and also outsides our borders.



CALMINIA® is specialized in extraction, transformation and commercialization of natural stones. Our differents deposits which are situated in Limestone, Granite or Sandstone quarries represent all our production.

After the extraction, the natural stone is worked, tailored to the client’s specifications to meet all the technical constraints in terms of shape, use of destination… And all expectations in term of final appearance (finishes, aesthetic aspec, surface treatment)…

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Natural stones
Discover our achievements
Ancenis (Loire-Atlantique / 44)
Urban plannig
Les Portes en Ré (Ile de Ré)
Urban plannig
Zoo Doué la Fontaine (49)
Chasseneuil du Poitou
Urban plannig
Discover our achievements
See our natural stones collection
Range of natural limestone, granite or sandstone outdoor setts used for walkways, borders, terrasses, parvis, paving…
Range of multicolors naturals limestone and granite slabs and pavings.
The 6 sawn faces monolith elements in natural limestone or granite are highly resisting and non-slip. Used for borders, urban planning, landscaping, copin stones, sills…
Our natural stones shaped to client’s request to decorate internal and external walls.
Public garden furniture, urban planning, channel gratings, landmarks, screens...
Our natural stone massive blocks offer the possibility to realize a wide range of street furniture.
« Tailor-made » for our cities. We are abble to deal with any urban development by working the natural stone and giving it unique and orignal form.
We support and advise you
throughout your project !

Calminia, your expert in urban development projects.


Daily we are abble to provide some advice and assistance in the choice of materials and stone characters that we offer because of our experience in the sector of urban development and the level of High Quality that we claim.

Moreover, we can also make all the recommendations for the implementation, the protection and the maintenance of our products if necessary.

Our biggest strenght ? We take in charge your order from the extraction to the delivery for any projects in France and at the international level.

For more than 20 years, CALMINIA® has left its mark through many achievements and projects as we can see in many cities such as : Angers, Ancenis, Blois, Laval, Les Portes en Ré…
The different products in natural stone (Limestone, Granite, Landstone) have no longer secrets for a key actor as CALMINIA® in this sector of activity.

News section

17 July 2018

Zoom on : CALMINIA engaged with Fairbiz Team.

At the begining of 2018, the CALMINIA company which is specialized in extractions, transformation and commercialization of natural stone, has officialise dits partnership with the Fairbiz Team. Cette équipe de triathlon longue ...

11 April 2018

KERALA® is the most unchanging sandstone though time.

Calminia brings you back a few millions years ago with the KERALA® sandstone. KERALA is coming from a sedimentary rock and has an exceptionnal quality of stone. Particularly appreciate for its qualities of resistance to climatic ...

27 March 2018

KALMEN granite improves the CALMINIA range of product

KALMEN, is a natural granite rich of different veining and a wide choice of colors : white, grey, beige-grey, pink, yellow… Coming from a Spanish quarry partner, KALMEN granite meets many technical constraints and aesthetic ...

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