Mont de Marsan – Renovation Saint Roch Square (Landes / 40)

 The old Red Square of Mont de Marsan, whose surface was deteriorated, has given way to natural stone. The objective was to preserve the popular, family and festive spirit of this 3,000 m2 square while meeting quality, functional and sustainable criteria.

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rénovation de la place saint Roch Mont de Marsan-40 avec dalle flammées
rénovation de la place saint roch à Mont de marsan-40- avec des dalles flammées et du pavé confort en pierre naturelle
rénovation de l'espace piétons de la place saint roch - Mont de Marsan-40- dalles flammées et pavé confort
zoom sur dalles flammées et pavé confort pour rénovation de l'espace urbain de la place saint roch-Mont de marsan 40
bloc anti-franchissement en pierre naturelle pour la rénovation de la place saint Roch Mont de Marsan-40
zoom dalles flammées pour espace piéton et blocs anti-franchissement en pierre naturelle-place saint roch-40
rénovation espace routier et piéton avec dalles flammées et pavé confort-place saint roch-Mont de marsan (40)

Le petit + CALMINIA®

Once again, the CALMINIA® production line has shown its high adaptability by producing at least 6 different formats of slabs and paving stones for the realization of the ST ROCH square in MONT DE MARSAN (40).

Mont de Marsan - 40
3000 m2
Place Saint Roch
En savoir +

The renovation of the Saint Roch square was in line with the city’s other renovations (Charles de Gaulle Square, Pitrac, the multimodal hub…). Natural stone was an obvious choice for this renovation, which must resist over time. 3,000 m2 of flamed slabs ( Strate C2-S2, Strate D, Strate A and Strate GH) were used for this project. A set of 6 different formats of well-defined slabs was developed to create an aesthetic harmony to sublimate this place where people love to stroll.


To these 3,000 m2 of slabs have been added 1,000 m2 of Comfort paving stones, also produced by the CALMINIA® production lines, to delimit pedestrian and road spaces.

Finally, the development of the Saint Roch Square was completed with massive benches in natural stone ( hard-limestone marble) in 150 X 50 X 45 cm format with a ground finish, as well as anti-friction blocks still in the same quality of natural stone in 50 X 50 X 45 cm format with a ground finish.


For the record, this construction site was delivered 15 days ahead of schedule, to the great pleasure of the Montois and the merchants living along the square.

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Produits intégrés

Comfort sett


Slab stratum A


Slab stratum C


Slab stratum D


Slab stratum G