Quarries and deposits

Quarries and deposits of exceptionnal quality


The two quarries of limestone exploited by CALMINIA bringing you back a few years ago at the Middle Bajocian during the Jurassic period. One of these deposits is situated in the quarries of Minière in Payré, near to our production area, and the other one is in Spain. Both have the same technical characteristics, the same geological accidents and the same veinig variations.

These meticulously selected seams offer a wide of color range from the uniform white to the grey-blue through ochre-beige allowing to deal with all expectations and projects.

To illustrate this, it is important to know that CALMINIA works in the spanish quarry on eleven successive faces of size. Each layer is composed by a different color which traducin our capicity to offer a large color range.



By exploiting these quarries, CALMINIA has an increased and sustainable production capacity for the next 150 years. That’s why we can easily ensure this quality of stone for many projects.


We work with quarries that meet a high standard


Converning the granite and the sandstone, CALMINIA has referenced and works today with quarries which meet the same levels of high stone quality. After a long period of extensive researches, CALMINIA found a deposit in Spain for the granite and in India for the sandstone.


In a word


The natural stone is a real passion for CALMINIA. The character and the intrinsic quality of the stone are one of our principal concerns. The methods of extraction and the transformation characteristic are specifie to all types of stone