Manufacturer of natural stones for 22 years

A leading player in the French natural stone sector.


For 22 years, CALMINIA® has specialized in extraction, transformation and commercialization of natural stones near to Poitiers (in the department of La Vienne (86)). Key player on the French onramental building stone market, CALMINIA® doesn’t have to prove anymore its competences.

Thanks to its approach to ornamental stone, its high requirement of environmental quality and its daring allow today CALMINIA® to propose a very wide range of natural stones.

A single contact for your natural stones !


Select, shape, transform… Our natural stones production has an extensive portfolio of products with many colours, dimensions and finishes enabling us to realize various projects. That’s why urban planning public or private is at the heart of our activity.

Thanks to the experience it has gained in this sector, CALMINIA® simplifies all the steps of its customers (urban planers, architects, landscapers, piscinists..) by proposing a single contact from the deposit to the delivery.

CALMINIA® takes particularly attention to every stage of the process, from the feasibility studies, to the design and technical office and the quality control established in the different steps of production.


What you must remember:


CALMINIA® is a manufacturer of natural stones (limestone, granite and sandstone)

We give you a single personn to handle all of your plans from the extraction to the delivery, in France but aslo outside our borders.