Natural stones production

The craftmanship combined with the industrial power


CALMINIA has at its disposition on the production area in Lusignan (Vienne (86)), more than 15 000m² of storage (raw stone and end products) and 1 000m² of production buildings.

CALMINIA is specialized in the extraction, transformation and commercialization of natural stones. Thanks to its production tools and its traditional craftmanship, CALMINIA can realize in the same day 5m² for a particular and then, go on an order that will cover 55 000m² of the same quality and finish.

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Within CALMINIA, we take in consideration all your projects because the customer satisfaction is the most important.

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In addition to international develoment, we are also expanding our range of natural stones products. Since the second half of 2017, a sandstone and granite have been added to the CALMINIA range of products.

By proposing an expanded offer of natural stones to its customers, CALMINIA also increases the possibilities for their creations and achiviements.

Moreover, i twill be also possible to realize our different products (setts, borders, slabs etc) with variant finishes or dimensions according to the customer request.


Please note :


CALMINIA simplifies all the steps of its customers by proposing you a single contact from the deposit to the delivery.
More than ever, CALMINIA is completely aware that the customer satisfaction is essential.

An illustration of our craftmanship :
The stages of limestone transformation

1 - Quarry extraction


Extraction of massive natural stones blocks from our quarry near to Barcelone or from the quarry of Minière close to our production area. Reception of the blocks from 2 to 10 tons at the sawing station.

extraction blocs pierre naturelle carriere calminia pierre naturelle vente fabricant
ligne de sciage pierre naturelle phase primaire calminia pierre naturelle vente fabricant

2 - First production step


Sawling line

• Saws up to 2.7m of diameter which are composed with 140 diamond prongs. Fully automated, saws perform slices at a forward speed of 25 to 30cm/min.
• Silos for recycling water in a closed systems, sludge treatment and filtration.

3 - Secondary production and finishes step (according to requests)


« La cliveuse »

• Hydraulic presses up to 240 tons of compression to realize different size of setts.
• Dividing slices into ingots of widths and lenghts required.
• Maximum heigh of slices : 50cm
• Digital machine control.

« L’éclateuse »

• This machine allows to calibrate the dimension of the finished setts..
• Hydraulic compression power : 80 tons

phase secondaire fabrication cliveuse calminia pierre naturelle vente fabricant
table de bouchardage calminia pierre naturelle vente fabricant

Bush-hammering machine

Machine tool with a rotating head to treat the limestone surface and makes it non-slip.

Flaming machine :

Products passed beneath a flame head. This creates a chemical reaction between the binary gases and the iron oxides in the stone, giving it a rough, non-slip appearance.
Ne fonctionne que sur du calcaire très dur et chargé en oxyde de fer.

Ageing machine

Finish obtained by passing the setts through a tunnel. They knock against each other, eroding the sharp edges and giving the sett an older, more rustic look.

table de flammage calminia pierre naturelle vente fabricant
genouillere de finition pieces courbes evier sur mesure calminia pierre naturelle vente fabricant

Multifunction machine

This machine allows to realize special requests : quarter round, curved pieces, customised pieces…