Longuénée-en-Anjou – (Maine et Loire/49)

Only 13 minutes from Angers (49), Longuénée-en-Anjou offers heritage and natural tourist attractions that are well worth a visit. Some time ago it was decided to reorganize the area to make travel easier by offering more comfortable and better-materialized sidewalks. All this by embellishing a church square and preserving the “village spirit” of the town centre.

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longuénée-en-anjou réamenagement place de l'église de la voirie, aménagement urbain avec pavé confort
longuénée-en-anjou réamenagement place de l'église de la voirie, aménagement urbain avec pavé confort de différents veinages
longuenee-en-anjou réamenagement de la place de l'église, aménagement urbain avec pavé confort
longuénée-en-anjou réaménagement de la voirie, des trottoirs, aménagement urbain avec pavé confort
longuenee en anjou réaménagement de la voirie, emmarchement bordure pave confort

Le petit + CALMINIA®

More than ever for this project, it was the responsiveness and adaptability of the CALMINIA® production line that was at the heart of the project. From the order to the delivery of the paving stones and borders, there was only one month’s lead time – a real challenge!

Longuénée-en-Anjou - 49
1000 m2
Centre bourg – parvis d’église – accès piétonniers
En savoir +

To meet the specifications, seeking to skillfully blend old and contemporary buildings, CALMINIA® has been able to offer a selection of very specific veining.

The 11 working faces exploited by CALMINIA® in its quarry reveal extraordinary shades and colour range. The order required 4 sizes of paving stones, of which one third had very light veining (white veins), a second third had the most ochre-beige veining and the last third had grey-blue veining.

All these shades were subtly arranged during the laying of 1,000 m2 of aged flamed Comfort paving stones in thicknesses of 6 cm and 12 cm.

To this end, 1000 linear metres of solid borders flamed on one side and one edge have been combined to create a neat finish.

The patchwork result in terms of colours and formats is largely up to the expectations of the project managers and clients. The aesthetic aspect completely enhances this heart of the city. In addition to the visual appeal, users will gain in walking comfort for many years to come, as the natural stone used for this project will see several generations of pedestrians before it is worn out.


These new developments keep all their promises and make it possible to combine pedestrian areas and commercial parking spaces.

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Produits intégrés

Comfort sett


Beige-ocher border