Bascons (Landes – 40)

Redevelopment and enhancement of the church and its surroundings. The use of BYZANCE® paving stone from CALMINIA® was an obvious choice to create an aesthetic setting worthy of this 13th century building.

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Pave byzance_reamenagement urbain_trottoir et passage bateau_Bascons 40 de nuit
Pave byzance_reamenagement urbain_detail_Bascons 40
Pave byzance_reamenagement urbain_entree charretiere_emmarchement_trottoir_Bascons 40
Pave byzance_reamenagement urbain_passage bateau et trottoir_Bascons 40
Pave byzance_reamenagement urbain_trottoir et bordure_Bascons 40
Pave byzance_reamenagement urbain_trottoir et passage bateau_Bascons 40
Pave byzance_reamenagement urbain_trottoir_Bascons 40
pavé byzance innovation calminia pierre naturelle vente fabricant

Le petit + CALMINIA®

The high production adaptability of CALMINIA® has allowed the creation of special parts for the step and the creation of comfortable passages for people with reduced mobility. Creation of a carriage entrance to facilitate access from the street and a gently sloping ramp to access the building entrance.

Bascons - 40
Parvis d’église et centre bourg
En savoir +

As a matter of course, the BYZANCE® paving stone from CALMINIA® was the obvious choice for the redevelopment of the BASCONS church (40). A combination of BYZANCE® paving stones with rough or flamed finishes was used to create the 800 m² of building site, completed with 300 ml of kerbstones and some special pieces directly related to the steps, the access ramp and the carriage entrance.

And for a result with a refined style, different veins of natural stone from the CALMINIA® marble hard limestone quarries were used; a real play of shades and reflections that creates a highly aesthetic gradation of light vibrations.

In addition to being “Beautiful” and non-slip, did you know that BYZANCE® paving stone has many advantages.

Its trapezoidal shape makes it easy to lay and allows large areas to be filled very quickly compared to a square or rectangular paving stone that would require straight laying.

In addition, it is excellent value for money and makes it possible to carry out original works highlighting the cultural heritage.


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