CALMIPROTECT® protects all natural stone and porous materials by preventing water, greasy dirt and stains from penetrating. Water-repellent, oil-repellent, stain-proof, it fulfils many missions: anti-graffiti, non-stick, anti-dirt...

calmiprotect calminia entretien proteger materiaux eau salissure grassse tache calminia pierre naturelle vente fabricant

CALMIPROTECT® is an impregnating product, it forms a protective veil and acts as a barrier against the penetration of water or stains into the stone. It thus eliminates damage caused by frost and pollution, while limiting the formation of mosses and lichens. However, the stone remains permeable to air and water vapour, thus offering greater comfort of use.

Easy to use, CALMIPROTECT® can be applied by sprayer, roller or brush, it is ready to use and does not require dilution.

CALMIPROTECT® is suitable for:


  • Indoor and outdoor floors

  • The walls, the facades

  • The terraces of cafés and restaurants, balconies

  • The swimming pool beaches

It is advisable to apply CALMIPROTECT® every  Five years.




4 to 7 m2 per litre (indicative average value).



store the product in a temperate room, protected from frost and sunlight.

Special stone protection


  • Adapted for CALMIA natural stones
  • Long lasting effect
  • Protects from water, oil
  • Aerate the CALMINIA stone
  • Suitable for floors and walls
  • Inside and outside
  • Water repellent, oil repellent
  • Easy to use
  • Ready to use
  • Delays aging and facilitates maintenance
  • Improve non-frost resistance
  • 100% biodegradable