KERALA® border

Borders and steps - Sandstone

bordure grès kerala calminia vente fabrication pierre naturelle calminia

KERALA is coming from a sedimentary rock and has an exceptionnal quality of stone. Particularly appreciate for its qualities of resistance to climatic or chemical aggressions. On the technical side, it perfectly adapt to the safety regulations concerning the risks of slipping. It’s really simple to lay it and has a good value for money.

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Formats et Dimensions disponibles

Lenght : 100cm

Width : 13/15cm

Thickness : 25cm

Finition des chants et arêtes

Dulled angle

Aged angle

Meilleurs rapport dimensions/prix

100 x 13/15 x 25 cm

KERALA® border
est recommandé pour...

Pedestraian areas

Exterior landscapping


Suitable for cars

Les points

Good value for money



Easy to lay

Ethical sandstone