Zoom on : CALMINIA engaged with Fairbiz Team.

17 July 2018

At the begining of 2018, the CALMINIA company which is specialized in extractions, transformation and commercialization of natural stone, has officialise dits partnership with the Fairbiz Team.

Cette équipe de triathlon longue distance vient de participer au Tours’nman (dimanche 10 juin 2018) dans la région Centre Val de Loire. Ce grand événement fait partie des plus beaux triathlons longue distance de France, à l’image d’un “Ironman”.

Note that for this edition, Team Fairbizs supported by CALMINIA is in 2nd position in the general classification.

The choice of CALMINIA to engage in this partnership was obvious.

Long distance triathlon is an exceptional sport with an ethic and values ​​specific to exceptional athletes. The values ​​and the vision of the world for CALMINIA as for Team Fairbiz come together and combine in both the present and the future: simplicity - sharing - solidarity - will - perseverance - surpassing oneself - performance - challenge .

Beyond the sporting challenge, for Pierre-David SIMONET, director of CALMINIA, to associate his brand image with that of the triathlon and the Ironman via Team Fairbiz results from a sincere and deep commitment.

Through this association, CALMINIA aims to put sport at the service of solidarity and to support concrete projects by raising funds to help disadvantaged children to access quality education.

During each race, the Team Fairbiz engaged with the international NGO "Aide et Action" (development association through education) helps fund projects and realize children's dreams.

In concrete terms, the funds raised in 2017, ie € 4,280, made it possible to participate in the program A LIGHT FOR AFRICA. This is an electrification program for schools. Each project of electrification of a school costs 6 000 €; also CALMINIA and Team FAIRBIZ have set themselves the objective of financing a complete project with the funds to be collected in 2018.


The team's next big sporting event is set for September 2 in South Africa for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships. The sporting challenge is in line with the ambitions to bring electricity to an African school located in a rural non-electrified area.


Help, sharing, commitment and perseverance are resolutely the values ​​sought in this partnership that inspires everyone with an incredible desire for success

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