KERALA® sett

Setts - Sandstone

grés kerala calminia pierre naturelle vente fabricant

KERALA is coming from a sedimentary rock and has an exceptionnal quality of stone. Particularly appreciate for its qualities of resistance to climatic or chemical aggressions. On the technical side, it perfectly adapt to the safety regulations concerning the risks of slipping. It’s really simple to lay it and has a good value for money.

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Available sizes and dimensions

Square section : 14×14-

11/13×11/13- 8/10×8/10cm

Thickness : 3/5- 7/9- 11/13cm

Finishes of edges and angles

Dulled angle

Aged angle

Best value for size

14x14x3/5cm for private plannig

14x14x7/9cm for urban planning

KERALA® sett
is recommanded for...

  • Pedestraian areas
  • Exterior landscapping
  • Sills
  • Suitable for cars


  • Good value for money
  • Non-slip
  • Disponibilty
  • Easy to lay